What kind of activities should I do once I go home ?

Remember to get up and move about, even through you may not want to. Increase your activity gradually during this time. For a week or two after surgery expect to tire easily even after the slightest effort of work or exercise. Do not engage in strenuous activity until after your first post-op visit to your doctor. If you plan to travel, please check with your physician prior to surgery if possible.

Do I have to take absolute bed rest?

No. The advantage of this method as has been previously mentioned is that the incisions are very small, thereby reducing pain and danger of hernia. You can become ambulant as early as pain and anaesthetic factors permit.

When can I go back to work?

People vary in how quickly they recover after surgery. Depending on your job you may be able to return to work 1–3 weeks after the operation, as long as you feel well.Usually a weeks rest from the day of surgery should suffice. But it would be advisable for the surgeon to advice based on your progress.

When can I have sexual intercourse?

Once the vaginal bleeding has stopped. Sexual activity may be resumed approximately two to three days following surgery unless you are told otherwise. However, if you have any pain, vaginal bleeding, or discharge, please do not resume sexual intercourse until these symptoms have subsided.

What about the stitches?

You will have one small cut just below your navel. You will have 2 to 4 tiny incisions near the pubic hair line. They may or may not have a suture. They will be covered with small strips of adhesive which will be water-proof. These strips may be removed two or three days following surgery.

You may have drainage from these incisions for a day or two. It will be watery and pink-tinged. If needed, you may reinforce your dressings or change them if they become saturated. In most cases, this drainage lasts less than 48 hours. You may go without dressings 48 hours after surgery if you so desire. You may want to cover your incisions with a light dressing to protect your clothes or to prevent your clothing from rubbing on your incisions. Minor procedures will not have any stitches.Major procedures may have 1 stitch which may be taken out on 5th or 7 th day.

Is it normal to have fever ?

A raised temperature is not common after laparoscopic surgery and its cause must always be found. If present it is usually due to minor urinary or wound infections but it may be a sign of more serious problems. Please get help if you develop a fever after you go home.

What symptoms & signs should alert me to call my doctor ?

Be sure to call your surgeon or physician if you develop any of the following:
  • fever above 101 degrees F (39 C)
  • drainage from or redness any of your incisions
  • continued nausea or vomiting
  • increasing abdominal swelling
  • bleeding
  • chills
  • persistent cough or shortness of breath
  • inability to urinate
  • pain not controlled by medication


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